February 18, 2018

Arizona Divorce Laws and the Mediation Option

As long as you have not been living in a cave you have probably heard the nightmares associated with divorce litigation in Arizona. The high cost of getting divorced is only the start. You will bombarded by endless requests for documentation and information about your private that you must legally provide. The opposing party will supply you with a never ending supply of letters that must be responded to by your attorney. Guess who pays for that? If you end up in the courtroom your fate will be decided by someone that does not know you. You may have better odds in Vegas in terms of getting what you want. At the end of it all, usually both parties will walk away from it all unsatisfied with the ruling. There is a solution to staying out of court and that is to use mediation to settle your divorce.

Just because it is mediation you can still have an attorney advise you. Many mediations in AZ do not have an attorney present, however in mediation you can carry out the mediation in a form that the parties are willing to agree to. To use a mediator for you divorce in Arizona both parties must agree to the mediation. You cannot have a mediation if one party is unwilling to participate. If you are interested in seeing if mediation is right for you, schedule a consultation with a qualified Family Law Mediator. The parties can meet separately but it is advised that the parties meet together. It is useful to have both parties meet with the mediator to establish that the mediator is a neutral and does not favor either party. If there is any distrust with the mediator the mediation will not be successful.

There is no right way to do anything. Mediation is only an option to settling disputes. The goal of this website is the educate the public that getting divorced does not mean that you need to slug it out in court. Mediation is a peaceful, empowering and less expensive route than litigation. Our goal is to bring the mediation option to the attention of the public.

Additional Arizona Family Mediation information: AZmediator.com

For a free 30 minute in office mediation consultation please call 480-998-1500.


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